Photo Editing

Mountain Ash offers a variety of digital photo editing and enhancing services. Many people have a great picture, except… One thing we do it help take care of the small issues that keep your picture from being ‘perfect’.

We also create heirloom photos. This can be giving a new photo a soft aged look. Creating a black and white photo with eye, lip and cheek color. If there is a flower or another special object it an also be colored. These photos can have an antique feel, or a very modern effect.

  • photo re-touching
    • removal of blemishes
    • wrinkles
    • dark circles
    • teeth whitening
  • cloning
  • sharpening
  • red eye reduction
  • portrait effects
  • cutouts
  • background changing
  • balancing brightness and contrast
  • repair of minor age damage
  • fade correction

Our prices range from $15.00 a job to $60.00 per hour. Please contact us for a free quote.

Before and after photo editing Before and after photo editing title= pe5thumb
pe4thumb Before and after photo editing. Before and after photo editing.