Photo Cards

Cards created by Mountain AshMountain Ash will create the perfect card for your special occasion. Christmas, Hanukkah, birth, birthday, anniversary, wedding, showers, family reunions are just a few examples of cards that we have created.

We will need a large photo taken at a high resolution, 300 dpi is best. Then let us know what words, clipart, and colors you want the card to be. Your graphic will be created at 300 dpi that will ensure a crisp, clean print. Most of our clients go to the Wal-mart Photo Shop.

This is one of Sharon’s specialties. She has developed quite a following with her card making business. A number of photographers offer their clients cards from portraits they take, and used Sharon’s services to create them.

You are welcome to look through the custom, scrap booking, art at This is Sharon’s site, and her artwork can be added to accent cards.

Card Creation

4″x6 or 5″x7″


Valentine photo card Birthday announcement photo card Christmas photo card Birth announcement photo card
Birthday announement photo card card6sm Birthday photo card Photo bridal shower announcement
Hanukkah photo card Photo Christmas card