Benefits of a WordPress Website

  1. WordPress is has an easy to use interface. If you are familiar with Word you can update, post and even create a new page with WordPress. The technology is simple, and there is no special language (html, php, css) required. There is no reason to waste money one a webmaster, or wait around for them to update your site. Once your site has been configured you can update it at your conveyance. Keeping your site dynamic and interactive is a key to engage your visitors. They keep coming back, because they know the site is updated regularly.
  2. You can manage your WP website from any computer, anywhere. While traveling to Sierra Leone and Dakar I was able to maintain my site from my laptop. It did not matter that I was half way around the world. If there is Internet, and you have a commuter you can manage your site; even from the comfort of your easy chair.
  3. With traditional, or old fashioned, websites you need to know html, have an html editor, and an FTP program. With WordPress there is not reason to have this additional knowledge or programs. WordPress is all encompassing. The editor allows you to update pages, add blog posts, upload images, documents, video files, create photo galleries, and easily format the pages and text. No additional software or knowledge is needed.
  4. WordPress sites can fit any size or type of business. From a small site with only a few pages to one with literally thousands of pages. As your business grows your WP site is easily grow with it, keeping pace.
  5. WordPress site are designed to manage multiple users. This allows you, as admin, to control unlimited number of user accounts. You can set-up multiple users accounts and assign access levels and capabilities to each user.
  6. WordPress sites load faster than sites created by other editing software like Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver. WordPress uses clean and simple html. This both shortens the loading time, and makes the sites interact well with search engines. Sites created with Adobe Contribute, Dreamweaver or MS Word use what I call ‘dirty’ html. This will greatly lengthen loading time, and muddy the water with search engines.
  7. Google, the number one search engine, has come out in support of WordPress websites. WordPress makes it easy for search engines to scan your site for content. Each page, post and image has its own meta tag keywords, description and title. WordPress SEO allows you to optimize with specific keywords. This makes WordPress search engine friendly, and gives you a fighting chance against the thousands of websites out there.
  8. WordPress makes it easy to integrate Twitter, facebook amd Linkedin with your site. Social networking has become an important way to contact others and find new leads.
  9. Once WordPress has been installed and configured you can automatically update it on a regular basis. WordPress notifies you, on your WP dashboard, when upgrades are available. All you have to do is click on the link, and WordPress will automatically update itself.Why is this important? Your site security depends on it. Unfortunately we live in a world where sites are targeted by hackers. They seem to take joy from make other people’s lives more difficult. WordPress has a large and thriving support network and community. One of their goals is to improve WP security features. By updating your WordPress on a regular basis you are keeping up with the latest features, and keeping your site safe.

I remember when I first started creating websites over 22 years ago. They were the basic html sites that took a lot of time even for a webmaster to update and maintain. I was thrilled with they came out with CSS, and how it made my job so much easier. Still it required lots of education and a webmaster to keep things running.

Then one day I stumbled into WordPress. My site was the first one I converted over! You know the old saying about the home repair man always having the house in the worse repair, because he just did not have the time to keep up with things at home.

WordPress is an amazing and powerful Content management System. It runs the website from a database, and then distributes the information from there. Once a WordPress site has been installed, configured, and the template created it is literally a turnkey operation.

After using WordPress on my own sites I can honestly say that I will never go back, and you will not once you have given it a try.

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